Salty Sea Studios is a boutique located in the heart of the magical seaside community of Brigantine, NJ. The focus is to connect people to a selection of well-curated, quality, functional, stylish and timeless goods, gifts & art. 

Salty Sea Studios is Brigantine’s premier showcase for area artists & craftspeople. Here you can find everything from luxurious affordable hand-poured Voluspa candles, unique hand-made in-house reclaimed/salvaged wood custom signs, local art, photography and one-of-a-kind artisan pieces handmade by Salty’s local featured artists. Salty Sea Studios provides endless sources of inspiration.

Our unique products are curated from several sources: products made-in-the-USA and from talented local artists & artisans, antique & vintage markets, and the Fair Trade and global community. They transcend an array of styles, everyone is sure to find something.

Sustainability is key at Salty Sea Studios. Here you will find many products made with recycled or up-cycled elements. Many of the in-house and local artisan creations use reclaimed and salvaged wood; repurposed or up-cycled elements are part of our accent furniture pieces; Fair Trade textile based products often use fabric scraps to create new life;  …  Many of Salty’s in-store displays are made from salvaged pallets, old doors or furniture; and the boutique follows many green business practices, estimating it recycles 85% of its waste. For customer purchases, plastic bags are not an option, and Salty Sea Studios chooses to use Forest Stewardship Council (“FSC”) certified kraft bags which are 100% recycled paper with a 95% post-consumer recycled paper content.  FSC bags currently cost more than non-FSC bags; however the hope is that the cost will decrease as more businesses elect this choice combined with improvement in recycling technologies. And on May 1, 2018 the boutique will implement its “BYOBag” policy, encouraging customers to bring their own shopping bags and charging a 10-cent fee if a customer wants a Salty Sea Studios bag.


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